Switching Web Hosts with No Downtime

Many people constantly look for web hosting services because they are either moving hosts or they are looking for a host for the first time. If you are moving hosts, it can be a true hassle as you have to move all your files and setup the databases on the new account. Server’s constantly have issues because that is just how they are made. You will not come across a single server that needs absolutely no level of maintenance. You will need to replace parts at least once a year. This article will give you tips on how to switch hosts with zero downtime.Before you begin looking for a new host, you will need to consider the service you have now. If you have ten databases, you need to make sure that the new host allows at least ten databases. Once you have the new hosting account setup, you will need to make sure you have information about the name servers for the new account. You will then need to login to your old hosting account and download the complete site including all the directories. When you are downloading the files, make sure you know which directory the site files go into. Once the files have been downloaded, you will need to download the databases from the server.

Some people have FTP accounts and email addresses, so if you have any; you will need to write them down somewhere so that you can configure them on the new server. Using a FTP client, you should login to the new server, and upload the files for the websites. If you are moving more than one site, you will first need to add the domains through your control panel. Once you add the domains from the control panel, you will see the directories in your FTP client. Once the files have been uploaded, double check to make sure everything has been uploaded in the right folders. As mentioned before, remember to configure your email addresses and FTP accounts. If you use databases, make sure to upload them into your web server.

Once the upload has been completed, you need update the name server for the domain names. Without updating the name servers, your website will not load files from the new web server. You can change your name servers from your domain registrar’s control panel. It takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to twenty-four hours for the name server chance to take effect. To check whether the name server change has been completed, you could run a WHOIS check on the domain. The server status report will show the current name servers the domain is working on. The last step in the process would be to close your old hosting account. If you follow the steps in the order, you will be able to change hosts without any downtime.

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