Reseller Hosting vs Master Reseller Plans

The internet is based right off the concept of web hosting. Without web hosting services, you wouldn’t be able to access all the websites you are visiting. Picture this; without hosting, this site would not be online for you to access. This pretty much tells you that web hosting companies are a major part of our online market, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. So, with so much attention in the hosting business, individuals are constantly looking to make money from selling hosting services. Luckily for those who don’t have access to dedicated servers and IT professionals, you can still purchase reseller hosting and sell hosting services. Reseller hosting is a perfect solution for small hosting businesses, as it is a very cost-efficient way to run a business.Reseller hosting is type of hosting plan which lets you re-sell the services you purchased from another company. Now, you can only sell shared hosting plans with a reseller hosting plan. Some medium sized hosting businesses are looking for ways to sell reseller hosting, even though they don’t have access to dedicated servers. This is where the concept of master reseller hosting comes in. A master reseller hosting account will allow you to sell reseller hosting and shared hosting. It basically opens up your scale of business to a whole new level.

Say for example, that you receive a reseller hosting plan for $10 a month, with a disk space of 50GB and a data transfer capacity of 100GB, you can only resell within the limitations you have. You cannot sell more than 50GB of space, even though it is possible to activate accounts. If you sell more than you have you are clearly overselling, and it can hurt your business in the long run. A reseller hosting account doesn’t have to be for small businesses, it could be for individuals with many sites as well. If you run several dozen websites, you could purchase reseller hosting to have separate accounts for each website. If you have two dozen websites on a reseller plan that costs fifteen dollars a month, your hosting cost per site is only about sixty-two cents per site.

A master reseller on the other hand will be beneficial for hosting companies only. If you run a selection of sites, you would be paying more for no reason. A master reseller account is much more expensive than a reseller account, primarily because you can sell reseller accounts. For those looking to start their own hosting business with a large impact, you should purchase a master reseller plan to get yourself started. When people see that you are selling both shared plans and reseller plans, they will be more likely to think that you have your own dedicated servers. This creates a positive impression in the minds of people, so it is win-win situation for you.

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