What is PHP Web Hosting?

Basically, PHP web hosting includes PHP support for all its versions by the web hosting company regardless if it is dedicated hosting, managed hosting or shared hosting solution. The most widely used PHP version by blog, website users and developers is the PHP4 and PHP5.

Similarly to Microsoft’s ASP – Active Server Pages – PHP is also a server based scripting language. PHP is part of the Hypertext Preprocessor category, meaning the PHP code is decoded, executed, while the result is added to the HTML code before the rendering process of the webpage by the internet browser.

As PHP is an open-source program, it has become extremely popular and it widely used around the world. It is the main reason why most web hosting companies have developed their own PHP web hosting plans for the specific requirements of websites which use a lot of PHP scripting.

Typically, a PHP web hosting plan offers a pack of tools and set of software that are commonly used with PHP. All these tools and software are commonly known as LAMP, which is used by developers when they refer to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. A PHP web hosting plan, powered by PHP language, uses several coding styles borrowed from Perl, Java and C languages.

The PHP code is added into the HTML code to create dynamic web pages which can be supported by powerful MySQL database server. It is the main reason why PHP web hosting plans and the PHP scripting language has been developed in the first place.

The main advantage of a PHP web hosting plan is that users can select their preferred operating system, such as Linux, UNIX and Windows. All three operating systems are supported by PHP, as it is a server based scripting language.

The PHP code within the HTML code is decoded and executed by a PHP web hosting server. The PHP code is then replaced within the HTML code with script output, before the PHP web hosting server transmits the web page to the browser client.

If you decide to use the services of a PHP web hosting company in the detriment of a standard web hosting provider, the main advantages derive from PHP expertise, adequate support for most PHP versions and most importantly, skilled technical support staff.

All these features are extremely important along with other standard web hosting features such as uptime guarantee, disk usage, concurrent sessions, users, and bandwidth and so on.

PHP is a complex and powerful scripting language, which can support more than 19 different databases, and thus, the web hosting user experience cannot be the best with a standard web hosting plan where there is no adequate support and expertise for various PHP versions.

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