How to Choose a Reliable Web Host?

Alright, so you want to make your own website? You can do it the easy way, by using a free hosting company site and its website builder. However, I believe you want something a little more reliable and professional! Building your website may be a tough thing to do, but fortunately, you have the option hiring a web development firm to build your website from the ground up. In order to get your website accessible to all the other millions of people on the internet, you need to have a web hosting service, to host your website. The disadvantage here is that, you can’t hire anyone to pick one for you, so you have to learn a few things about what to do.To begin, your aim should be to purchase hosting from a reliable web hosting company, who will always be there for you, in case you need support for your services. To select the best company for your website, you should consider the following things in every web host you look at.

Customer service and support is vital in this business. As a client, you want to be able to call or contact someone if you have a problem with your hosting account. To begin your evaluation, you want to look at the company’s website. If the website is not professional, or if the website has broken links and invalid images, you need to think twice about whether you should consider them. Next, search through the site and check whether the company provides support services for its clients. As of now, most companies offer three type of support for its clients. The best form of support is live phone support, but you could still part with email and live chat support.

Once you find the companies support details, get in touch with them. Why? By getting in touch with them by phone, you will have an idea of the wait time on the phone, and you will get to know how knowledgeable the staff representative is. If you don’t have any pre-sales questions to ask them, you can ask them something about their service. For example, ask them how long they have been in business, ask about their servers speed, its uptime and whether they have 24/7 support.

The hosting service’s reliability is fully dependant on the server uptime and speed. You want your websites to be online at all times, and with maximum speeds. You can ask the host to provide you with a file to download, to check the speed of the server. This file is often referred to as a test file. In terms of the server’s uptime, you can ask the company for a report. Ideally, you want a host with very little downtime.

Lastly, you can take your search to the next level, and try to find some reviews on the company you are considering. If you see that many people have had bad experiences, you should be hesitant to go for that company.

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