Dedicated Server Hosting – Explained

As it derives from its name, with a dedicated server hosting the whole server is solely dedicated for the use of your site(s). Your sites, which are hosted by the web server, can use all the available resources of the server, such as memory, disk space, network bandwidth and CPU. Users get full end to end control over the server, along with its storage, hardware, applications, operating system and internet connectivity.

Server resources can be freely used to best serve your purposes, but without performing any illegal activities. Dedicated server hosting includes numerous integrated redundancies for high performance, superior internet connectivity and monitoring as well as various other advantages that are not to be found in shared hosting.

In terms of features, shared and dedicated server hosting are not alike at all. In the case of shared server hosting, the server is hared by several customers, while in the case of a dedicated server hosting, the server is used by a single customer. With shared hosting, customers have no control whatsoever over how the server is used and the hardware resources of the server are shared with several other sites and applications. Although with shared costing you do save a considerable amount of money, you will not give any freedom tom use any of the hardware & software resources to your maximum advantage.

You should not go with shared web hosting if you anticipate your website will generate huge traffic, or if you have an e-commerce site, dealing with numerous transactions requiring properly secured information. In such cases, you definitely need dedicated server hosting. Generally, shared web hosting is the right choice for small and medium sized business, for small blogs, and websites that are mostly for personal use.

Furthermore, dedicated server option is also right option when sensitive information are collected through your website from your customers. You need to have full power over server and its resources, including the hardware, operation system and all applications that run on the server.

As you might have guessed, everything comes with a certain price and dedicated server hosting is not an exception from this rule. Although it is a pricey service, it offers power and high speed, superior uptime and quick website response time, which is always appreciated by guest users and website members alike. As you have total control over the server, you secure all your online transactions along with the collected sensitive information through the use of host-based or server-based security applications. These are all features which are not available with shared web hosting. The use of dedicated server hosting is required if you need to use a particular operating system, application or OS patch level or your website or a web application needs customization of the operation system, hardware, server and various other applications.

Overall, the features and services of dedicated serving hosting cannot be compared to shared web hosting, as the first one provides complete server control, high speed, built-in internet security, dedicated support, high performance and freedom to use the server according to your own needs.

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