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Reseller Hosting vs Master Reseller Plans

The internet is based right off the concept of web hosting. Without web hosting services, you wouldn’t be able to access all the websites you are visiting. Picture this; without hosting, this site would not be online for you to access. This pretty much tells you that web hosting companies are a major part of our online market, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. So, with so much attention...

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How to Choose a Reliable Web Host?

Alright, so you want to make your own website? You can do it the easy way, by using a free hosting company site and its website builder. However, I believe you want something a little more reliable and professional! Building your website may be a tough thing to do, but fortunately, you have the option hiring a web development firm to build your website from the ground up. In order to get your...

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Why Do You Need a Business Host?

If you have a business, you certainly need to have a website for it. Whether the business is just for your local area or a large city, you should always have an online presence. Having your own business website would not leave your pockets empty, as hosting is not that expensive. If your business is offered to a particular city or town, your profit level is very limited. How would you like it if...

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Switching Web Hosts with No Downtime

Many people constantly look for web hosting services because they are either moving hosts or they are looking for a host for the first time. If you are moving hosts, it can be a true hassle as you have to move all your files and setup the databases on the new account. Server’s constantly have issues because that is just how they are made. You will not come across a single server that needs...

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