Reliability – One of the Important Factors of Web Hosting

If you are a customer of a web hosting company that is not able to provide you necessary support when the system is down or technical support as well as assistance when you need their services, there are some important things that you should know. Most of the customers are not able to handle these situations, as they do not have the assistance of the right company.

Therefore, when you are looking for a web hosting company, reliability is one of the important factors that you have to consider. Even though most of the customers will search for a genuine service provider, most of them are not able to spot a reliable company. Therefore, when you are looking for a web hosting service provider, make sure you will examine as well as understand how reliable the hosting service provider is. You should also know how effective and practical their customer and technical support are. Apart from these, it is also important to know what is the actual turn-around time to get this customer support or customer service representative for responding and reverting during the emergency cases. You should also make sure that the company would be able to provide you the service within ten or twenty minutes. All these are very important t for the customers like you and me when looking for a hosting service.

If you are very serious about growing your online business, you should make sure that you have the assistance of a reliable hosting company that you can truly depend. Moreover, you should also make sure that they would be bale to provide you necessary help when you face any type of technical hassles.  It is unworkable to assume a hundred percent up time for the server as nobody will be able to sure on the unexpected. Therefore, make sure that you are taking the assistance of a hosting provider who will be equipped with necessary technical support team that will help you to get rid of all your hassles. Moreover, they should be capable of providing immediate service, as this is very important for the development of your business.

Even though, you will be able to find many web hosting companies that are spending huge money for their marketing campaign, you should be able to select the right one. Most of these companies will spend more money for the advertising as they have to attract more customers. However, it does not matter which company you are opting for, make sure they will be able to provide you all the necessary assistance during an emergency.

Nowadays, most of the hosting companies that are functioning in the market are sharing their experiences as well as reviews on the internet. This will help many new customers to find the right type of hosting service required for their businesses.  Therefore, if you research on these websites, you will be bale to find many reliable companies that can provide you excellent services.

JustHost Reviews

Since 2008, when then company was established, JustHost is one of the leading Shared Hosting providers. The company is relatively new, but they have grow really fast due to top level customer support and quality service. JustHost is focusing on simple, inexpensive shared hosting that is ideal for start up websites and small businesses. Their 24/7 available support is also a very big plus as well the many hosting features like free marketing credits, 1-click software installer and site builder.

For small hosting or web design companies JustHost offers Reseller Hosting packages. Customers can choose from 3 different reseller plans, depends on their disk space and bandwidth needs. All reseller plans comes with free cPanel accounts for all your clients, free WHM client manager and free ClientExec billing system.

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Just Host made their appearance in the web hosting industry back in 2008, under the supervision of some hosting experts. Since then, the company continues to provide excellent web hosting services at affordable rates. Today, JustHost is extremely popular and the proud owner of a number of web hosting awards. Numerous customers around the world enjoy the hosting services of the company day by day.


As they have a well-resourced datacenter, along with high network connection and server technology, it is rather easy to guarantee the highest possible uptime. The servers and the entire network are constantly monitored, while the sites are backed up on a daily basis. As a result, the company can provide and guarantee a server uptime of 99.9%.

Hosting Value

JustHost offers highly competitive and reasonably priced web hosting plans, which feature unlimited data transfer, disk space and email accounts. Users can also host an unlimited number of sites and databases. The list of other helpful tools includes online shopping cart scripts, website builder and Fantastico (one-click script installation). With the basic web hosting package, users can choose a free domain and free advertising credits (worth $100) on Google, Miva and Yahoo. When a customer is not satisfied with JustHost’s hosting services, the company will refund their money (based on the remaining subscription period) when the account is cancelled.

Control Panel

Most web hosting companies prefer to use cPanel as their control panel, because it is a very popular one. JustHost also uses cPanel, because it is easy to work with, to learn it and is packed with such valuable features, as database and domain management, email forwarding and email account management, website stats, file manager and Fantastico De Luxe script management


JustHost provides remarkable customer and technical support, which are available 24/7. The support team can be contacted through email, phone and live chat. Phone or email support is recommended for advanced help, while live chat is basically for simpler hosting support. To find out more information about the basics of web hosting, you should check their comprehensive video tutorials section.

Are they suitable for business websites?

JustHost is perfectly suitable for both personal and small business sites. The company does not experience any significant issues with their servers and the uptime is according to their promise. JustHost’s servers have absolutely no problems with Drupal, WordPress or Joomla websites, not even with smaller Shopping Carts. You will definitely not going to regret if you choose JustHost as your web hosting service provider!


WebHostingHub Reviews

Web Hosting HUB is the ideal choice for those who are relatively new, but serious about their hosting services. There may be other providers that offer a similar package for the same price, but they lack in quality of service and support. Aimed at the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type customers, Web Hosting HUB offers plenty of tools to get your site up and running in literally a matter of minutes. They offer their customers a free Premium Web Builder, as well as plenty of FREE marketing credits from Yahoo/Bing and Google Adwords to get you rolling. If you wanted to install one of the many popular CMSs out there, like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, WebHostingHUB offers a 1-Click installation via Fantastico. It couldn’t be any easier. Whether you are a beginner just starting out on the web, or you are a web master needing the easy to use controls of cPanel, Web Hosting HUB will get you up and running in no time.

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WebHostingHub has been launched in the web hosting business in 2001 and are offering reliable services. The company relies on the help of their US based internal technical support, which is available 24/7. Their web hosting service is available at competitive rates. WHH’s hosting plan is packed with valuable features and it is a great option for small and medium business websites and for blogs as well. The popular and widely used cPanel is in charge for their Dell servers. As the company is basically a blog hosting specialist, a blog can be built in a matter of minutes. As customer satisfaction is a priority for WHH, they offer a full 90-day money back guarantee.


WebHostingHub offers a guaranteed server uptime of 99.9% along with 24/7 system monitoring and support. In case you wish to transfer your website and domain to them, a technician will assist you ensuring you a downtime free transfer process. The company uses Dell servers, built and tested with advanced software and hardware. Their servers have reliable, good and fast performances.

Hosting Value

If you want to save money on web hosting, but still want quality services for your website or blog, WebHostingHub is the right solution for saving money and still run a hassle-free business website. They provide a simple, yet affordable web hosting plan.



The company offers their very own domestic support team, available 24/7. Customers can reach their technical or customer support department through email, live chat or phone. Beginners will find their Hosting Guide and Support Center quite helpful, as they include many articles and video tutorials.

Control Panel

cPanel is a leading and popular control panel for web hosting, and it is the one WebHostingHub offers to their customers. If you are a beginner in web hosting, you will find no difficulties in managing your account, as cPanel is extremely easy and simple to work with. The list of included features includes script management, domain management, email administration, billing info, website builder and much more. For more information on what cPanel hast to offer, check the demo on the company’s main website.


As the company offers a full 90-day money back guarantee, 24/7 US based support and a server uptime of 99.9%, they are a leading web hosting company around the world.


The only disadvantage to WebHostingHub is that they provide only Linux web hosting. Dedicated servers, Virtual private servers or Windows web hosting are not currently available at them. If the activity of your website requires more resources than shared hosting can handle, it is advisable to go with another hosting company. In such case, you should consider the hosting services of InMotion Hosting, which is a reliable and fast business hosting service provider.

Their shared web hosting do not offer enough resourced for larger business websites. However, it is still a great and viable option for personal websites, blogs and smaller business websites. You will not regret opting for the webhosting services of WebHostingHub!


What is PHP Web Hosting?

Basically, PHP web hosting includes PHP support for all its versions by the web hosting company regardless if it is dedicated hosting, managed hosting or shared hosting solution. The most widely used PHP version by blog, website users and developers is the PHP4 and PHP5.

Similarly to Microsoft’s ASP – Active Server Pages – PHP is also a server based scripting language. PHP is part of the Hypertext Preprocessor category, meaning the PHP code is decoded, executed, while the result is added to the HTML code before the rendering process of the webpage by the internet browser.

As PHP is an open-source program, it has become extremely popular and it widely used around the world. It is the main reason why most web hosting companies have developed their own PHP web hosting plans for the specific requirements of websites which use a lot of PHP scripting.

Typically, a PHP web hosting plan offers a pack of tools and set of software that are commonly used with PHP. All these tools and software are commonly known as LAMP, which is used by developers when they refer to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. A PHP web hosting plan, powered by PHP language, uses several coding styles borrowed from Perl, Java and C languages.

The PHP code is added into the HTML code to create dynamic web pages which can be supported by powerful MySQL database server. It is the main reason why PHP web hosting plans and the PHP scripting language has been developed in the first place.

The main advantage of a PHP web hosting plan is that users can select their preferred operating system, such as Linux, UNIX and Windows. All three operating systems are supported by PHP, as it is a server based scripting language.

The PHP code within the HTML code is decoded and executed by a PHP web hosting server. The PHP code is then replaced within the HTML code with script output, before the PHP web hosting server transmits the web page to the browser client.

If you decide to use the services of a PHP web hosting company in the detriment of a standard web hosting provider, the main advantages derive from PHP expertise, adequate support for most PHP versions and most importantly, skilled technical support staff.

All these features are extremely important along with other standard web hosting features such as uptime guarantee, disk usage, concurrent sessions, users, and bandwidth and so on.

PHP is a complex and powerful scripting language, which can support more than 19 different databases, and thus, the web hosting user experience cannot be the best with a standard web hosting plan where there is no adequate support and expertise for various PHP versions.

Overview of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is relatively new when you compare to the other web hosting solutions. Still, it well worth your attention before you settle on some web hosting service. If you consider that you only have two options in terms of hosting mail and web servers on a shared server or domestically, think again, as there are other solutions as well. Manages hosting solution is yet another available option for you.

Domestic hosting is economical, effective and also helpful for companies with its own technicians to install, monitor, configure, maintain and manage such a complex infrastructure. On the other hand, web hosting solutions which are outsourced have higher costs and offer inadequate or no control whatsoever. Nevertheless, it still remains one of the most cost-effective and suitable options for small to medium sized businesses.

In recent past, managed hosting solutions have become the compromise between domestic and fully outsourced web hosting solutions. Dedicated hosting solution has its origins in managed web hosting.

Compared to managed hosting, the main issue with dedicated web hosting is the fact that the web hosting company might not offer no support at all and in such case you need to personally manage the website and the server. Thus, dedicated web hosting is a decent but not the perfect solution.

Nevertheless, in the case of managed hosting you have several options to choose from, as compared to a dedicated server. Managed hosting allows you to pick the best technical service and support for you from a wide range of options that are made available. What companies offer in terms of managed hosting might greatly differ from one to another

Still, the most common options would generally include installation and initial configuration, support and troubleshooting, upgrades, updates, monitoring, security and other standard administrative tasks.

Manages web hosting plans are perfect for businesses which have no knowledge, experience, expertise or time to adequately manage such an infrastructure. Companies offering managed web hosting can take care of all that reasonable lower costs as compared to domestic hosting. These companies also take ownership and ensure servers are always up and running in accordance with the signed SLA.

Additionally, the best part is that pay only for the cost of the components of products and services you decide to purchase. If you consider superior uptime and high quality service essential for you, managed hosting is most probably your best option.

It will be of great help in managing high amounts of traffic, load balancing and several other practical planning using the user-friendly and straightforward graphs and reports.

Obviously, each web hosting solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Still, a managed hosting will provide you more advantages than drawbacks. However, in order to optimize your business you can host and manage a dedicated server with the help of a skilled technical personnel.

Adult Web Hosting – How does it work?

Adult web hosting is a specific hosting plan, designed for websites that cater for a particular target audience offering adult content. In most cases, adult content includes photos, images, animation, audio and video in various different formats.

Basically, all the available media includes explicit (adult) content, which is suitable for adults only. Because of its explicit nature and applicable laws related to adult content, numerous web hosting providers do not allow the hosting of such content on their hosting server. Furthermore, if they find sites in breach of the hosting company’s terms and conditions, such content will be immediately removed.

In most cases, an adult web hosting provides large disk storage capacity and huge network bandwidth, along with directory and file level security. Such web hosting packages have been specially created to match the specific needs of sites with unlimited storage space, network usage, digital protection for data (video, audio and images) stored on the servers, along with support for video and audio streaming format.

As websites with adult content frequently offer download or on demand viewing of adult movies and live streaming for videos, adult web hosting should support all the required applications, scripts and tools for an adult site to be able to stream its content to its visitors. For such websites, unlimited data transfer is a must have features, as even one single user could download huge amount of data (because of the large size of video data).

In most cases, adult web hosting in combination with dedicated server hosting can represent the perfect plan for companies who want to host adult content. For companies that intend to host online movie websites, the requirements are mainly the same.

Other adult web hosting package standard features typically include e-commerce shopping cart, unlimited MySQL Databases and domain hosting, support of third-party payment processors, numerous scripts for better task management, control panel, one or even several free domains names and more.

Features that are also included with an adult web hosting plan are superior uptime guarantee, skilled support staff, immediate account setup and money-back guarantee for the unused period.

Customers are generally allowed free transfer of current domains from some other hosting companies and registrars. You can also make appropriate modifications in DNS records to indicate a new host online. There are adult web hosting companies which claim to have maximum five minute hold time when customer care is called on the toll-free number of the company.

If you plan to host explicit or adult content on your site, it is absolutely necessary for you to thoroughly read and fully understand the applicable terms and conditions. Otherwise, your content could be deleted without any prior notice by your adult web hosting provider. A web hosting feature comparison is yet another necessary step to make.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Explained

As it derives from its name, with a dedicated server hosting the whole server is solely dedicated for the use of your site(s). Your sites, which are hosted by the web server, can use all the available resources of the server, such as memory, disk space, network bandwidth and CPU. Users get full end to end control over the server, along with its storage, hardware, applications, operating system and internet connectivity.

Server resources can be freely used to best serve your purposes, but without performing any illegal activities. Dedicated server hosting includes numerous integrated redundancies for high performance, superior internet connectivity and monitoring as well as various other advantages that are not to be found in shared hosting.

In terms of features, shared and dedicated server hosting are not alike at all. In the case of shared server hosting, the server is hared by several customers, while in the case of a dedicated server hosting, the server is used by a single customer. With shared hosting, customers have no control whatsoever over how the server is used and the hardware resources of the server are shared with several other sites and applications. Although with shared costing you do save a considerable amount of money, you will not give any freedom tom use any of the hardware & software resources to your maximum advantage.

You should not go with shared web hosting if you anticipate your website will generate huge traffic, or if you have an e-commerce site, dealing with numerous transactions requiring properly secured information. In such cases, you definitely need dedicated server hosting. Generally, shared web hosting is the right choice for small and medium sized business, for small blogs, and websites that are mostly for personal use.

Furthermore, dedicated server option is also right option when sensitive information are collected through your website from your customers. You need to have full power over server and its resources, including the hardware, operation system and all applications that run on the server.

As you might have guessed, everything comes with a certain price and dedicated server hosting is not an exception from this rule. Although it is a pricey service, it offers power and high speed, superior uptime and quick website response time, which is always appreciated by guest users and website members alike. As you have total control over the server, you secure all your online transactions along with the collected sensitive information through the use of host-based or server-based security applications. These are all features which are not available with shared web hosting. The use of dedicated server hosting is required if you need to use a particular operating system, application or OS patch level or your website or a web application needs customization of the operation system, hardware, server and various other applications.

Overall, the features and services of dedicated serving hosting cannot be compared to shared web hosting, as the first one provides complete server control, high speed, built-in internet security, dedicated support, high performance and freedom to use the server according to your own needs.

Select Affordable Reseller Hosting Service

If you truly want to start your own web hosting business, you should first understand that the industries competition is quite fierce. There are tons of companies offering rock bottom prices in order be the next big guy in the business. However, for those who are starting off in the web hosting business, it is best to start with a reseller hosting plan, as it will ensure that your start-up costs are low. By opting for a reseller hosting plan, you will be able to maximum your profits, since your reseller plan won’t be too much of a hit on your wallet. Continue reading Select Affordable Reseller Hosting Service